Yvonne Nelson, John Dumelo, Manifest, Wanlov and others react to Kwaw Kese spending Christmas in Jail


The news of Kwaw Kese spending this yuletide behind bars hasnt sat well with his compatroits in the arts industry. Yvonne Nelson, John Dumelo, Wanlov and others have reacted to the stars incarceration on various social media outlets.

“This @kwawkese situation is sad. A country ridden with corruption from the President on down & u want to imprison an artist for smoking. Smh” – @BlitzAmbassador

“Every time I am in Ghana, electricity is off half the time & papers full of corruption scandals yet no one goes to jail. Sad for Kwaw Kese” – @BlitzAmbassador

“Never seen @kwawkese cry like that before. I guess nothing is expensive than #Freedom aside #Life.” – @GeorgeBritton

“Whoever started this #FreeKwawKese Campaign has rlly worried our brother @KwawKese. Now he gets to spend his Christmas in jail.” – @GeorgeBritton

“My heart is heavy. Kwaw Kese.” – @Manifestive

“Get well soon my dear friend @kwawkese God is with you.we love you” – @YvonneNelson

“Same courts are saying narcotic cases are not granted bail…why have the 6 cocaine suspects been bailed? #GhIsShit” – @wanlov

“6 indicted in Ruby Mahama cocaine saga granted bail 2day in Gh court & @KwawKese was refused bail for the 4th time for a spliff #Gh4U” – @wanlov

“@kwawkese lawyer is the daftest lawyer i ever seen. Want bail on health grounds and dnt even hv a doctor’s report? Lawyer banzaa!” – @BlakkRasta

“Get well soon @kwawkese #christmaswontbethesame” – @JohnDumelo1

Source: Abdullai Isshak/YFM Ghana



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