Yaa Pono – Gbee Naabu (Shatta Wale Diss)(Prod. by Unda Beatz)

Fired up Yaa Pono brings us part 2 of his diss to Shatta Wale. He calls this one Gbee Naabu which was produced by Unda Beatz. Hope you like it, download and enjoy.




Go tell ur man DAT he should talk like a man n stop DAT wo Maame tw3 n DAT old stuff still Bhadness fake wale

shatta wale listing fi dis..You Arr soon stupid..
.make yuh nuo try first fool go uptown Land cos with nuo wan gay pipo….WO maaame tw333333

Oooo ms. Yaa pono e be true ur say ur father rape am oo yaa yyyyy don’t try kk bt Shatta Wale say i should tell u say ur mother and father hahaha oo sister yaa gono nikppin boy…

Sister yaa gono ur song no sweet arrrrr what is dis song that apuu nothing give u pono man oooo SMforLife and also for our sisters life…

Bra yaa! Better go dig ur grave before u come beef else u will be barriied under ur mama’s pussy Siaa try wale and get ur days in the industry counted

make you nuo fool for there you pussyclawt…idiat mus mus go sake yuh mada….
call mi 0543103034.
never try pono stupid shatta stupid SM FOR FOOLS

pono is better for u to dat otherwise shatta wala will change ur life to a farmer. ples mi friend pono stop ooooooo. na sm is also for life

Apuuuu, u yaa xxxporno how many international awards u ever get. Only insults and gossiping. Shata pass u 100 times. Better stop and strugle for ur success.

i wonda y shatta x tryin uptown kimg

Pono second round blowww him out,kick him …. cos he thinks like a kid always wo maame tw333..tweaaaa
pono beommmmmm

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