Worlasi Unveils Artwork For Upcoming Mixtape

Ghanaian multi-talented and multi-lingua artist; Worlasi has unveiled the official artwork for his upcoming mixtape titled “Nusɛ” (Nuse).

This is the official art work for Worlasi’s debut mixtape titled Nusɛ, translated from Ewe as strength. The mixtape shows Worlasi’s growth as an artist along with his versatility, featuring a blend of fresh, groovy Afro-Pop, Afrobeats jams and also a throwback to his Hip-Hop roots peppered with social commentary, love, dreams and everything in between.


The art work was designed based on the theme “You are your own slave, You are your own master” by Worlasi, hence the identical images, the shackled representing our fears and the other our strengths.

Nusɛ is Worlasi imparting knowledge he hopes will empower and uplift the world while keeping it playfully raw. To him, “Nusɛ explores how you take a chance, gather courage and make it happen”.

The mixtape is set for release towards the end of September.

Worlasi is signed to supremeRights Records, an Accra based record label.



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