Why Okyeame Kwame should win a grammy award

Okyeame Kwame

Okyeame Kwame Something never-seen-before is coming. It is something so matured in artistry, sensationally packed in content and rivetingly spiked with style and creativity. It is something no artiste in the country had probably ever done or even envisaged in recent history.

But it is coming to, first, whet your appetite; second, sustain your interest; and last but not the least, provoke an encore show in the years ahead. And it is because of no other than him that it is coming. Yes, him! Okyeame Kwame, the man many music-lovers prefer to call all sorts of name and titles in celebration of his unique talent, relevance and ingenuity: the Best Rapper Alive (BRA), the Rap Doctor, Mr. Versatile, and what have you.

The multiple award-winning musician is readying to roll with what would surely go down as a music concert of a kind, never seen in the annals of country’s entertainment industry. This concert, to be called the ‘The MTN Okyeame Kwame Versatile Show’, promises a full-blown showpiece of a musical artistry by a talented artiste, likely from which an appropriate course for re-defining musical concerts would be charted.

Many of the world’s famed music artistes and icons made their names and renown not because they were any better rappers, songwriters or singers than many in their country. Far from that. Some were fantastic stage performers and most also understood the underlying rudiments of holding a concert, what went into ensuring a sought-after show and, most importantly, how to forever hook their fans with lots and lots of creativity.

Aside the personal liking individual fans held for their favorite artistes, no other would willfully pay for Michael Jackson’s show if there was no guarantee of a surprise element to watch out for. The soon-coming The MTN Okyeame Kwame Versatile Show promises more than just surprises and suspense. In fact, Okyeame Kwame plans to hold his patrons spell-bound, and get the entire country and music industry talking afterwards about how he did it.

The ‘content’ of this concert incorporates three broader segments of a dance-music-and- theatre show further broken down into several parts that will gracefully take patrons through the rise of the Rap-Doctor.

The first section will show Okyeame Kwame of yesteryears, emphasizing his inspiration and exploits from his school days, through to his debut with Akyeame, through to his current ‘Mr. Versatile’ album.

In the second section, dubbed Okyeame Now, the Rap-Doctor will descend into his contemporary self and by sampling records from his current album, play instruments and lead choreography to display his talent. The focus on entertaining his patrons would still not be lost throughout the concert, as Okyeame will then bring aboard surprise artistes who are renowned for their choreography and energetic performances.

But the difference will not only be set from the rich content, choreography, surprises and costuming of the concert, but the particular emphasis on the dance (drama), lighting and set. So watch out for the pace-setting show of a lifetime, come December 14 at National Theatre in Accra.

Listen to OK explaining further

Source: Adeyemi Adebayo Victor/GhanaWeb

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