Tinchy Stryder gives romantic gifts

Tinchy Stryder

Tinchy Stryder

Rapper Tinchy Stryder says the best way to win a girl’s heart is to lavish them with gifts because women love surprises. The ‘In My System’ rapper revealed his top tip for bedding a babe is to spoil them,

because all ladies love to be pampered.

He said: “Women love getting lots of attention. It’s the thing that makes them happy and turns them on. I think a girl wants to be treated special. You make them feel like they’re ‘The One’. They love surprises! I once turned up at a girl’s house and gave her a bag. Some clothes and jewellery she loved it!” Unlike some of his friends, Tinchy isn’t afraid of commitment and he is looking forward to the day he gets married to the right girl.

He explained: “I’ve always thought about marriage, kids and a house – it’s part of life. As you get older you realise marriage is a big thing – especially for girls. It’s a woman’s thing. But it doesn’t scare me. I definitely want to get married one day.”



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