The making of ‘Eazzy Baby’


Eazzy When young Mildred Ashong was growing up, she like every other child had her eyes set on one of the finer professions with which she hoped to soar real high – on the wings of an aircraft.

26 years down the line, Mildred Ashong is soaring high alright but not on an aircraft attending to the needs of passengers as she had dreamt.

Call her Eazzy and maybe add ‘Baby’ to it and you just might catch her smiling back at you.

The latest addition to Ghana’s growing list of female rap artists, Mildred whose showbiz name is Eazzy (Baby) has made a mark for herself as a talented yet sexy female rapper who can also sing.

Appearing on Multi TV’s Hitz Countdown show, Eazzy told host Kwame Bee of how her music career kicked off.

‘It started back at Mfantsiman Girls’ SHS, she recounted. While still a ‘greenhorn’, she thrilled her colleague with a performance of Ja Rule’s “It’s My Time” during entertainment.

But at that stage, it might have as well be described as a fluke since right after Mfantsiman, Eazzy went on to broaden her knowledge in information technology and then finally landed in an Aviation school.

At last, her dream was on course until it got crashed after aviation school, because the airline she had targeted was rocked with some challenges.

She then abandoned the aviation industry and went to pursue further studies at the Institute of Professional Studies in Ghana then joined the Chartered Institute of Marketing in England where she also studied French and Spanish. She graduated November 11, 2008 with a post graduate certificate in marketing from (CIM-UK), Birmingham, England.

In 2009 however, she once again switched lanes to join the entertainment lane. Her appearance on the Ghanaian music scene was forceful, propelled by her first hit single ‘Bo wonsem ma me’ (Clap for me) which received massive airplay on radio, TV as well as on the dance floors of parties and other social gatherings.

Having been accepted by music enthusiasts, Eazzy unleashed her second single ‘Wengeze’ which also became an instant banger.

With an album already under her belt, Eazzy is about to release her second album which has her new hit song ‘Go Go Wind (Alikoto waist) featuring Jupiter.

The song has been enjoying radio airplay for two and a half months and Eazzy says the video will also be released soon.

Among her achievements thus far in the industry is the award for Best Storyline for the video of her song ‘One Gal’.

Source: Ghana| Multi TV| Zac Bentum



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