Tales Of EVA Slated For November 28th At Bosphorus, Labone

EVA is a group made up of three phenomenal female poets who trumped conformity and are using poetry as a means of spreading the message of feminism, women empowerment, socio-economic issues and relationships. These poets are; Miss Ndabi (Edith Ndabi), Dzyadzorm (Vanessa A. Medie) and Poetra Asantewa (Ama Asantewa Diaka)

TOEThe objective of Tales of EVA is to serve as a platform to amplify the message of individuality and a can-do spirit in women. In an era where it sells so well to be defined by a system of desk bound men and women, with their eyes hypnotized by desk calculators and conforming to the status quo; there arises a need for women who have broken the norm, and taken the risk to blossom, to serve as inspiration for other women.

The event is scheduled for 7pm on the 28th of November, at Bosphorus, Labone. With an estimated audience size of 100, mainly made up of young women who are working on their dreams or searching for inspiration to discover and work on their dreams.



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