Sonnie Badu rocks wembley stadium

Sonni Badu

Sonni Badu Sonnie Badu is known for his trend as the pace setter in African gospel music. Last Saturday September 29, he lived up to his name when he became the first African artist to stage a performance at the Wembley Stadium. The concert saw thousands of people in attendance, as they came to witness the National day of prayer with many gospel greats such as Tim Hughes, Matt Redman, Noel Robinson and Graham Kendricks.

Sonnie took the crowd by storm when he performed two songs (Yaweh and Ese Oluwa) from his current album ‘Colours of Africa.’ Arguably Africa’s best-known worshipper, with hit songs such as “Covenant keeping God” and “Baba,” Sonnie Badu continues to make waves in the international gospel industry. Having played a massively big role in crossing boarders with his music and opening doors for other African gospel artists, minister Badu has truly earned the title ‘Trendsetter.’

In 2010 he made headlines as the first African artist to perform at the Wembley Arena. One would have thought he had reached his pinnacle, but in 2011 he did it again and set the media on a frenzy when he wowed the crowd at the Waldorf Astoria in New York. The gospel sensation who is renowned for his multilingual compilations, seems to be unstoppable and is constantly featuring in the international scene along with well known gospel giants across the world. Sonnie Badu says he has a lot more in store for his fans, so we can’t wait to see what record he is going to break next.

Sonni Badu

Source: Primrose Mutsigiri

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