Sneak Peek into M.anifest’s new video, ‘Motion Picture’



US-based Ghanaian rapper, M.anifest continues to make waves with his recently released sophomore LP, ‘Immigrant Chronicles: Coming to America’. He recently received commendation from American rock group, Red Hot Chilli Peppers member, Flea who tweeted “M.anifest is a great MC straight out of Ghana!!! I highly recommend his awesome new record ‘Immigrant Chronicles: Coming to America”

The rapper has released a simple vignette sneak peek video online to pique interest for the single, ‘Motion Picture’, which is already getting a lot of buzz in the US. M.anifest describes the sophomore album as a labour of love and a thrilling musical journey. It took four years to put it together and according to the rapper, it is well worth the time seeing the awesome response since the album was released last week.

‘Motion Picture’ was produced by M.anifest’s long-time collaborator, G Mo (a two time Red Bull Big Tune Nationals finalist) and the video was shot and directed by Wally Agboola Productions. He comments, “The song speaks for itself so i won’t over-indulge in an explanation”

Source: Ameyaw Debrah



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