Skillions Record’s gospel act, Paapa Mensa begins ‘Solar Experience’ on 11-11-11



One of the newcomers in Ghana’s contemporary gospel music scene, Paapa Mensa of Skillions Records will from Friday , 11-11-11 begin what he calls the ‘Solar Experience’ after releasing two prelude singles, ‘Be Youtiful’ and ‘Dear Grace’, off his initially planned ‘Solar’ album.

Currently based in Portland, USA, where he is pursuing his college education at Reed College, Paapa explains the ‘Solar Experience’: “So due to several reasons, I will not be releasing the album commercially on 11/11/11 any longer. I have decided to transform the ‘Solar’ project from an album into an experience which begins 11/11/11 with the release of an ‘anthem’ for the experience along with a short video announcing what I call ‘Solar Sundays’ where I’d be releasing each track off the project for free over a series of Sundays.

Each track would have a visual interpretation, and a bit of writing (on my blog) to go with it; giving background info, further insight into each song, etc. This is to ensure that as many people as possible get the music, so that the only barrier between people and my music would basically be internet access and not money. Also, it’s to establish a strong relationship with fans via social media by asking them to give me feedback and hold some kind of discussions on the songs and the messages and all that.”

He continues: “I feel strongly in my heart that I am not as yet ready to release a commercial album given that I just started college in a whole new country and all that. Although I’ve planned to release this thing commercially and everything, I feel God wants me to approach things His way now…and it’s His work I’m doing so I best follow His lead”.

Paapa grew up listening to literally all kinds of music and cites his main musical influences as Stevie Wonder, John Legend, Osibisa, Freshlyground, OneRepublic, Lupe Fiasco, Timbaland, Mary Mary, Kirk Franklin, Kierra Kiki Sheard and Smokie Norful. With a fusion of as many genres as one can think up, Paapa now seeks to overwhelm the profanity and immorality conveyed in most of today’s music and art with his fresh clean lyrics and God-inspired themes. Be it hip-hop, funk, soul, or high-life, Paapa, a devout Christian, steeps a message of God, hope and love in his works. Now a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, singer, rapper and producer, Paapa strives to be the 21st century David – the unremitting worshipper.

Source: AmeyawDebrah.Com



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