Shatta Wale – State Burial (25th December 2013) (Samini Diss)

Shatta Wale - State Burial (25th December 2013)

On this banger, the proclaimed “Dancehall King inna di whole Ghana” Shatta Wale a.k.a Bandana described the 2013 edition of YFM’s Loud in GH concert as a State Burial for Samini Dagaati. He calls it “State Burial” (25th December, 2013). This track is well packaged with several dissing to Samini. Is the Dancehall King battle getting out of hand? Drop your comments below.

Shatta Wale – State Burial (25th December 2013) (Samini Diss)




Guys, We should just accept the fact that at the moment, Shatta walle is the reigning artist in the Country. Event Organizer from today should put Samini 1st before Shatter to stop reoccurrence of this. If not Fan will always leave Samini to perform to almost empty seats. Shatter enjoy your moment.

Samini will never perform to empty seats.Along side he a good performa on stage.We all accept de fact dat wale is de riegning act now,at de same time we all huv to accept de fact dat samini is de best dancehall act in Africa,In Africa there no one who claims to be a dancehall act huv won awards more dan him.No matter wale does a senior is always a senior.

Nope they r not but the truth will always be 1…….Shatta Wale Adi teacher,Adi father,Adi masta n adi dancehall king fi de world.str8…..SM4LYF

Fans of shatta claim he is the best dancehall artists currently in gh.then why is he afraid to let the african dancehall GOD perform after he has had his opportunity,is it because he is afraid samini will outshine high time shatta stop behaving like small brat in a toy shop.some one who openly said he is on a smoking break is not worth following likewise listening to,come to think of it I have taking time to listen to most of his tracks and do not see any sense in his musics the only thing u hear in his musics are pussy pusy.

Until he starts to do motivational song which will motivate the gettho youth to rise up and do something better with their lives other than wasting time following some one who is using u to amass wealth for sure even if bob marley were to be alive and asked do you smoke he would have said no.i dare any of his fans in a civilized way to show me any of his track which contain motivational lyric,unlike samini even if I cant recal I know of one

do samini know the type of music he does?bcos shata made dancehall active in ghana he is also claiming he is doing dancehall and the king and even started to sing in patois too.we were listening to dancehall from jamaica b4 shata came in and we realised he was doing the right genre of musik.samini should learn from him and stop saying he is the king and stop competing with shata on one stage else he will always be disgraced on stage.his number of tracks even outnumber samini’s and we love them too.learn to be origional samini

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