Shatta Wale – Feeling For The City


Shatta Wale on this latest released for 2014 talks about the injustices and the struggles poor people have to go through to earn a daily bread. He calls it “Feeling For The City”. The year 2013 was the best year in Wale’s career as an artist, will 2014 be the same for him? Check out the song and drop your comments below.

Shatta Wale – Feeling For The City [Download]



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  1. I love this music wale you are more than the WORD more. Big ups…

  2. Thank u Man @shattawalegh #FeelingForTheCity #GoodMusic

  3. shatter yu just dont worry if nobdy loves yu, i do luv you alot and feel like given yu one of my sisters to becme part of our family so i can jay yu forever….respect

  4. peter holy armah

    Good one the shatta

  5. shatta, u got my heart. u ar a tru version of reggae dancehall. respect mi getto bwoy

  6. shatta wale u be tooo much,keep up the vibes man…….#sm4lyf

  7. I am from L.I.B Shatta wale 2013 was a good year i really feel your song and i hopethis year will be greater. like this song now,
    is a bomb

  8. me luv dat tune, dats a true version of reggae dancehall SM4L respect

  9. this tune de3333, Shatta I beg u spoil there…REALITY Tune uno . Bless !

  10. Shatta u r one of the blessed people as I and I dey pon. Jah will bless u each and every day.

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