Shatta Wale details how Davido came looking for him in Nima with Jaguars and Range Rovers


Shatta Wale was on The Late Nite Celebrity Show on e.TV and revealed how HKN Music star Davido stomped Nima with Jaguars and Range Rovers to look for him.

The multiple award winning act responding to a fan’s question on how soon fans were going to see the video for Davido featured Whine Ya Waist, said;

“You know my friend Davido, I envy that boy a lot. When you call him he will be like ‘Oboy I dey Canada! Make we meet for New York… before you can catch him there, he is leaving New York for another spot. I don’t know but my fans should just look forward it.

“Shatta Movement is ready but Davido’s HKN Music is delaying it.

“I even want to report him to the federal police.” Shatta said laughing.

On who found who first, the Rich Game artist revealed:

“Davido found me. It was a surprise to me. I was at home and some cars came to pack blowing horns and all that. It was about eight cars – Jaguars and Range Rovers and I was wondering who it was. All I saw was him jump out of one of the cars and started screaming – Shatta Wale! I was dumbfounded. He came all the way from Nigeria just to see me.

“According to him I made this record called Letter to My Father and his father chanced on it and told him I was great. Because I sang about something that he and his father too could relate to. So he was always listening to that song.

“And the surprising thing is, when he came, the lights were out but he waited with me in the heat. Took off his shirt to fan himself. So I suggested he go and come and he was “Oh Boy I go wait for this light oh and he kept saying this song was going to be a hit and all that. God being so good Whine Ya Waist is huge. And when he saw me play my beats he was so marveled. Anytime we speak – he will pause at some point and say – Na Gem You Be! And I thank him for the all Dollars.

The Late Nite Celebrity Show hosted by Giovanni Caleb airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9.30PM.

Source: YFMOnline/Abdullai Isshak



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