Shatta Wale (Bandana) – Letter to Kaakie

Shatta Wale (Bandana)
Shatta Wale (Bandana)
Shatta Wale (Bandana)

The wait is over! The current Dancehall King, Shatta Wale aka “Dancehall teacher” renders an apology to Dancehall Diva, Kaakie and the High Grade Family. This is intended to keep the peace and contribute towards the success of Dancehall Music in Ghana. “SM4Lyfe” he says. Enjoy!

Shatta Wale (Bandana) – Letter To Kaakie 




Gyal kaakie ina u knw Dance hall king say sorry to Dance hall Diva, take it fi ya heart and 4give cuz no war ina di Royal house of Dance hall…#sm4lyf

kaakie the dancehall diva please accept our apology cos it takes a man’s to apologies,he tought his was right but now he has realise that what he did was wrong….we are sooooory babe find a plece ina ur heart..

shatta wale big ups,its nice and acceptable if u know wat u did is wrong n u apologize…kaaki to hell is human but to forgive is divine…FORGIVE HIM.

4giv nd 4get is what makes lyf keep goin so pls try nd apply it to de situation.4givin him want take off ur beauty away it wll only free ur mind 4 u to remain young fresh.

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