Shatta Wale and Samini shutdown the Guinness Eruption Concert


Ghana music fans didn’t know what to expect when the battle lines was drawn between Samini and Bandana (Shatta Wale) on one music concert for the first time.

With thousands of concert goers in attendance, the Accra Sports Stadium, which seemed to be at capacity, it was in an uproar as fans anxiously waited for Samini and Bandana to take the stage and were not so interested in Akon, Big Sean, Wizkid and E.L.

Music lovers who attended the show also witnessed the exciting new Guinness bottle and its new commercial. Guinness is still the same rich, dark, deeply satisfying liquid, same price but just a different fresh outfit but more swag.

The arena was a bit hot but music fans were prepared to be warmed up by dancing along to songs of the above mentioned artistes.

We can report that in an attempt to keep the crowd enthused, the DJ Mensah played various hit songs from the artists on bill.

Whistling, shouting and stomping was heard, the fans just knew that the Akon who they had been waiting so long to see was about to make his appearance as the first performer.

Wizkid also did his best on stage, after him was E.L who also did his best.

Music fans doubted Big Sean’s performance since he was not really known in Ghana but Big Sean also proved himself well performance wise.

Now was the turn of the biggest acts of the night.

Bandana is indeed the hottest artistes on the streets today but some of his fans simply think he failed to grab biggest opportunity to impress 25, 000 plus crowd and possibly be properly crown, the King of Dancehall.

  • Bandana had best entry (way better than Samini) but his performance lacked maturity. He was hauled onto the stage in a crane branded in SM4Lyf which was very spectacular to watch.
  • Songs such as ‘Enter The Net’, ‘Dancehall King’ and more got the audience in the dancing mood.
  • Shatta Wale using profane languages scored him some negatives marks from some of his fans but some true dancehall lovers also claim the language is part of the genre.
  • Samini didn’t have good entry but his matured stagecraft creativity was the trick.
  • Samini dug into old songs like ‘Gyae Shii’ and some surprising freestyles.
  • Samini’s biggest highest point was using the live band and controlling the crowd. 70% of the fans were there for Shatta Wale but Samini managed to let Wale’s fans sing and dance to his songs.
  • Samini got booed when he told the fans to observe a minute of silence for the late Ronnie Coaches.

Kudos to Charter House Ghana, the organizers of the event for the arrangement of the artistes on bill and been up to pull up over 25, 000 music lovers to the venue.

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  1. Well it’s how it suppose to happen. But to all Dance hall music lovers understands and know no way Samini can battle with Shatta wale because, we want to move Ghana forward so if Samini on stage sang late 2004 tunes and make people jump dosen\t mean he has done well because we are in 2013 not 2004. Also Samini did well with the live band but don\t have even one tune of Dance hall. So in all Samini did well in hiplife as Ghanians want to know and Shatta wale did excellent with the Dance hall. Simple question is Samini a Dance hall artist like Movado, Vybz kartel, Bunnty killer or hiplife artist. Because we are not comparing them in terms of hiplife rather Dance hall music so don’t let anyone fool you. Samini is also good in buying media house whiles Shatta wale use street people to make name. in this to form to make name which one is good?

  2. i agree perfectly with you, Logic

  3. @Logic,Samini wasn’t there to claim the dancehall King title… His main point is Shatta Wale is over-rating himself which I agree perfectly,there are other BEST dancehall artiste out there like Stonebwoy,Iwan and co. But in a nut’s shell Samini’s performance was way better than Wale’s performance. In the end,let’s see how long your dancehall king reigns!

  4. too much samini…..plsss tell shata to face stonebuoy n c de rli skin he gut

  5. evergreen don buffalo

    was akon a highlife artist//?? ba his performance was awsome n dats wat we talkn abt… wen da tym came 4 u to prove ur worth,u faild n turnd it into vulgar words.. grow up buddy

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