SBeirg – Are You A Wife (Prod. by Apya)

SBeirg takes his heels off the hardcore rap accelerator. He plays the lover boy on this one. He exhibit his versatility on well organized instrumentation by Apya. SBeirg needs a wife this time and he is asking those after his heart that, and I quote “Are You A Wife?”. Have some space, relax, download and listen to this one by SBeirg.

SBeirg – Are You A Wife (Prod. by Apya)



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  1. Jedu Banks Gh

    Where from this one too.??????

  2. Jedu Banks Gh

    Is he a musician in Ghana or what

  3. Jedu Banks Gh

    We just have some musicians in Ghana that I don’t even underhand self.

    • Why don’t you understand him?? This a young artist who has been hustling from Secondary school till this time. He made this great tune and instead of you to enjoy it, you’re trying to bring him down. SBEIRG is the next big thing in the Ghana Music industry. He’s versatile as well so chaley relax and enjoy this piece na you’ll be hearing it on FM stations soon.

    • Jeffrey Prince Boateng

      Why don’t you understand him. A young talent created this master piece and not one good word has been mentioned by you. Reason why Ghana doesn’t grow. There’s too much negativity. SBeirg GH see this one smh 😂

  4. Papi Sly

    Is a truff he is saying….

  5. Sbeirg will soon take over. Mad sing boss!
    Opana Pop

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