Sarkodie talks about his meeting with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation

sarkodie-roc-nationOn Sunday evening’s episode of Hanging with KOD, Sarkodie gave more details on his deal with Akon’s Konvict Music which couldn’t pull through. Although without giving specifics, it was clear that Sarkodie wasn’t sure that Konvict had a plan for him. He said the deal was more about dwelling on the status of Akon to assure him of ‘making it internationally’ rather than having a clear-cut plan.

According to Sarkodie, he was born a leader, and wanted to be responsible for the direction of his career. He advised his fellow artists not to get carried away be the hype, explaining that the Konvict deal would have restricted him creatively and held back his fan base and ‘movement’ which was growing rapidly because the label could say he shouldn’t release any music in two years. ‘I had to be loyal to the movement’, he said. He also talked about having a meeting with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation hinting that, that meeting was more of the kind he wanted because it came as a result of them seeing his fanbase, twitter following, YouTube views and more; and the Roc Nation respected him for that. Well, I’m sure we will hear more on that is anything comes out of it. Stay tuned!!!

Source: Ameyaw DEbrah




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