Sarkodie is the best thing that ever happened to Ghana Rap – Obrafour


Rap Icon Obrafour in an interview with Pluzz FM revealed why he gave Sarkodie his ‘crown’ in the Saa Okodie No video.

The wordsmith revealed he was bias when it came to the BET winner.

“I’m bias for Sarkodie but it’s not because I know him as a person but for his work ethics and how he constructs his rap. Sorry to say but sometimes he says some useless things but I got to realize those were stuff he took on as he progressed. Because when you want him to descend into a gutter and work with him he will descend in and work. Sometimes the curse words he uses are not appropriate but he believes it will aid him to express his art better. But I don’t blame him much, society is hypocrite, we say this and that is not proper but we are the same people who will chase those same things.”

“The world likes nonsense. All I want to say is Sarkodie works very hard. If you put me aside, he is the best thing that ever happened to Hiplife. God knows why he brought me, and I agree with God to some extent because God doesn’t bring one person to do everything. He brings some people to open a door for the rest to enter. So, if you see people putting in effort you must acknowledge it.”

“Not everyone will agree with me but I see he is doing well, and I see that if I can’t reach the promise land why I shouldn’t push him to. He is going to do more than he’s doing now. Rap is not a competition and so I wouldn’t compare his exploits with mine. I haven’t handled a Hiplife crown to him but to me I think Sarkodie has done a lot.” He concluded.

Source: YFM Ghana




There’s no doubt that Sarkodie is good but i dont agree with Obrafour that when he”s put aside, Sarkodie is the best thing that happened to Hiplife, so Obrafour wants to elevate his own self as being the best in times past? Hell No! Reggie Rockstone, Okyeame Quame, Mensa and even the likes of Edem, Flowking Stone, EL, Yaa Pono in recent are also best things we have making great impacts in Ghana music so Obrafour shd give us a break as if what he says is cast in stone and final .

I disagree with you Francis, Obrafour is just being honest. He has done a lot for GH rap, he made rap became meaningful. First before him, rap was just like combination of ordinary words brought together with no meaning. And now he has accepted that Sarkodei is doing more than he has done, so don’t be hard on him

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