Sarkodie – Free Press (Mixtape)


Sarkodie spits his real feelings on this mixtape and titles it Free Press. There is too much talking and not enough work done as media men. Take a listen for yourself and let’s know what you think about it…it’s SarkNation!!!

Recorded on Busta Rhymes’ Put Your Hands Where instrumentals

Sarkodie – Free Press (Mixtape)




it is true of wat u said,.dats y de niga guys are moving,,all dey do is jst sit n gve,false,rumours….kip dissing dem waaaaa

big ups @sarkodie1 u hav said it all…….dey should ff our artist to international and bring us live & truthful coverage and stop sitting in deir homes and tweet what dey see on deir digital tvs #fu*k de press

did I hear someone on Joy news (white Carpet) call Sarkodie an ‘Idiot’ . This is a disgrace to him and the platform he found himself . U hav the right to criticise Sarkodie , but not an extent of insulting him. He is popular than u Anyway

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