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  1. samini you are truly the best African dance hall king and you have truly retired them 4 sure.

  2. this track is sick damn…..but dont forget to keep voting for samini to win the award….lets go to http://www.blackcanadianawards.com ..vote now..

  3. Hahahahaha…. Very nice tune but stop singing like Mugees cuz Mugees started this… Abaaa samini paaaa… Why are you like that? Always stealing other people’s style. Keep doing what made u samini and stop focusing on shatta wale cuz he is not watching u.

  4. samini is de man 2 win de award cos he has evrytyn…just highgrade family

  5. Samini and shatta wale knows wot their doing ok, so u guyz Should stop creating stuffs between dis two huh…… those two guy’s av nw made GH dancehall Active and Ghanaians av Now Loved dancehall music. ………Bigup #shattawale&#samini

  6. Akye saaa!!! Don’t fuck with me Highgrade.

  7. mr.esimai u beta check ur facts well okk..mugees was saminis boy way back before he joined r2bees ok his name back den was gogome.who knows mayb he got his inspiration from the man samini

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