Samini throws his hardest punches yet at Shatta Wale


If you thought you had seen or heard the last of the whole dancehall feud between Samini and Shatta Wale, then think again. Samini must have been bored Tuesday afternoon and so decided to throw some hot jabs at Shatta Wale on Twitter. Check out some of the tweets

As for @BandanaWale jah know how many diss songs he has for me that I never played no mind to. Cus most of his claims were false N he knows

Ask @BandanaWale how he got in a pic with me and Mavado. Smh

Then he goes yo edit an old Mavado song ,add his vocals and comes to lie to fans that he did a track with DA guy I claim to have brought

@BandanaWale used to say in interviews that I don’t buy him stuff when I fly out. And i never really knew him on that level. Like wow. Lol




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