Samini – Scatta Badmind (Shatta Wale & IWAN Diss)


Apparently, the self acclaimed Dancehall King of Africa, Samini dropped a very controversial song titled Scatta Badmind earlier this week. In the song Samini threw shots at the current reigning Dancehall King of Ghana, Shatta Wale and the lyrical gunshot, IWAN. In response to this song, Shatta Wale has also dropped a reply to Samini in what he calls Sixth Letter to Samini. Check them out…Dancehall hmm.

Samini – Scatta Badmind (Shatta Wale & IWAN Diss)



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  1. Shatta wale faced fact and called is name buh him a coward no fit face fact….him ado raga not dancehall

  2. Oh Shatta e be you way you do Samini Lyke That…. hahahahah #SM4LYF..

  3. Once samini , alwayz Samini

  4. You are all one, so we love you all. Samini and Shatta wale one Origin of Mama Africa.

  5. Nana Asare-Bediako

    Shata be the best Dancehall Artist

  6. who gave samini african dancehall king??? he took it upon himself,so why worry abt shatta wale”s gh dancehall king…

  7. see Samini be Foolish Man

  8. Shatta wale is always blessed cuz he is de only artist in Ghana who made his hit on street no any media house is palyin his tunes so he is real n he work harder 4 dat achievment dats why all Ghanians crown him Dance hall king. WHY SAMINI is big fake, Samini never contributed in buildin Dance hall music in Ghana cuz he knows he cant stand on same platforms wit de artist here. SAMINI is now fightin wit, Shatta wale, Iwan, Stone bowy, Soni Bali his boss, K.K. Fosu, Wizkid, musguzz of R2bee, Lingua cut, Yogy dogy, he also insulted p square without any reason? So people just judge this to your self apart from some of de artist he killed their talents by lieing to them he will manage them jux to waste their time. Can Good person man of God do this? Also lied to medias in London Shatta wale will beat them when they brought him to London whiles the funs there too need him. Now he jump to USA to start lieing to the people there. fuck you SAMINI

  9. now the industry is becoming interesting…i love this beef…in anutshell no doubt samini is fake and he is nva a dance hall artistee in ma opinion…jupitar stonebwoy shatta wale iwan they are the real talent samini should go bak to his asokor kind of music and forget thinking he was doing dance hall apuuu nek333….big ups to shatta but you too relax small give the fake ass nigga…fakers always dey make noise u knw …but its good you reply am …but why was he dissing p square too anyway this nigga is fuked up like threesome smh

  10. Samini plz u no bi dancehall artist. We all know you bi leader in singing excursion songs. Go Learn from Shata. lol

  11. Funny twats making noise with their stinky mouths. Samini never fades like shatta did and will still fade away like that fake pains u all purchase.
    Real nigga’s last long and still keep making it in the game..we tired of shatta pussy pussy lyrics.

  12. shatta wale – see some jonky way dey talk say he no need no award,samini for no dey waste ur time give some fools,keep doing ur thing samini TM boys dey ur back full time,we never go support no illiterate way dey give himself names,dance hall king ma foot, shatta wale s3 oy3 ot cake,he no dey feet de pronounce h sef…..u be de real dope nigga SAMINI,shatta wale be wack

  13. samini is the best contemporary artiste from Ghana. From MOBO to MAMA to Channel O. No Ghanaian artiste can compare himself to samini

  14. hmmm that goood

  15. Don Larry AKA Jnr Shatta

    Samini be Yawa artist coz hw can u go 2 London n USA 2 spoil ur fellow Artist?He is de cause of all diz Beef…We have more letterz 4 him.SNITCH

  16. i feel u guys dont kown the differents b/n danceshall and preformances.scatta wale and samini can not be compared when it comes u danceshall

  17. Manhhh Samini always the bigest pap and we kno only the kid without experience make much noise….

  18. It takes maturity and hardwork to get to where Samini is, Samini is in his own class and nobody can touch him. Awards are given to matured and Civilized people. Not noise makers and Wack musician like Shatta wale who is trying hard to ride on Samini’s class and popularity to rise to the top. Shatta wale does not even come close to Stonebuoy and Jupiter, his music doesn’t make sense that tells me his IQ is low and he has poor sense of cilvil reasoning. Samini’s style is outstanding; his versatile- he can perform wit life band, he can do pop music, dancehall and highlife & hiplife. He is too good. Shatta is a one way traffician, he can only insult people, he is full of shit an empty barrel. Always noise, dat isn’t music, shatta should go to Stonebuoy for some tutorials. Shatta should not use the trick of gaining sympathy from gh funs, if he is really a musician, he should ride on his own and stop this pathetic way of gaining popularity.

  19. They say birds of the same feathers flock together. Obviously, shatta wale’s funds are just ignorant as himself. Highly illiterate comments lacking logical reasoning. They know their man is wack so they have to make noice to be heard. Coporate gh needs civilized musicians to work with, that is why Samini have contracts with multinational insttutions. That is hardwork, discipline and self-respect. Shatta is alwayz fighting for what he doesn’t deserve, awards are not given to people who can bark the most, but to people who have come to terms with civilized gh funs and corporate gh. What do a commedian wants among musicians?? I was shocked of his behaviour when he was fighting to get an award, dat can be a behavior of a dancehall king, he is a desperate dreamer. I will not be surprise if his movement culminate into Shatta “Haram”. After all most of his suporters are low thinking in gh.

  20. §ãūdī prīnčē

    Na first I dey shatta in bak,but nau rytnow,he dey act as a typical villager,samini,respect

  21. hahaha cnt stop lafin… u pple fool paa oo. dissin urselves nd shit cos of som two punkass dancehall artistes.. mtcheww sias3m arakwa

  22. Samini stil dey clam best dancehall king in west africa.if u manners dnt knw mke u go searCh 4 google inners

  23. 10qx guys.
    but I think samini is still better than bandana wale, b’cus samini is still making hitz music. It take a better Musician to mentain his standard!!! Samini all de way.

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