Samini is a grown up and must behave as such, Shatta Wale


Ghanaian dancehall artist Shatta Wale formerly known as Bandana has described High Grade Family artist Samini as a grown up and must behave as such.

Breaking the silence on the unending feud that seems to get most entertainment pundits worried on E Talk, an entertainment TV Show hosted by Amanda Jissih, Shatta Wale disclosed he has always respected Samini and even gave a hearty apology live on stage during the BASS Awards just to make peace with the said artist only to be hit with another diss song.

Asked why he would not turn a deaf ear to some of the issues and diss songs targeted at him and would reply such comments with songs within a short while, he answered saying;

I reply such songs with the same swiftness as a lion would when its tail is stepped upon. I am a straight forward person and I speak my mind just as others do.

Speaking of possible ways of solving the feud, Shatta Wale disclosed he finds it disturbing for the industry and only wished Samini would behave maturely, in such ways the feud would be solved.

When you have a musician who doesn’t want you to eat and will tell event organizers not to put you on the same show, that is bad. If you don’t want me to eat, then I will make sure you also don’t eat!!

Meanwhile, attempts are being made by the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) to resolve the feud between the two biggest dancehall artists in Ghana at the moment.

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hi our talented brothers, we shouldn’t forget yearling for PEACE and at the same time creating enemies, these we not get us nowhere. you are both good in your own ways respect that. we need PEACE in every corner of Ghana. PEACE

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