Sam Opoku – The One

Emerging Ghanaian record label, Magichands Music is proud to present to you a brand new artist and addition to their roster. His name is Sam Opoku and he’s a young Ghanaian-American singer and songwriter.

Sam has been working under the radar for a while, releasing singles like ‘No Doubt’ since 2017 and more recently, the bouncy, pop influenced R&B single ‘Find My Way’, which has caught the ears of music fans who have been paying attention.

What sets Sam Opoku apart from other musicians is not only his ear for catchy pop melodies, but most importantly his songwriting abilities. Sam is an extraordinary songwriter, one who has been a finalist in the American National Poetry Championship back to back, several years in a row. In addition, he also studied music in Grand Canyon University, USA.

His musical skill shows itself in every song, where the singer uses every line to portray his message in a simple but poetic manner, putting meaning into even the most fun of songs. This gives you something more to appreciate, not just the music itself but also the manner in which it’s delivered.

‘The One’ is Sam Opoku’s first Afrobeat single and his introduction into the Ghana music scene. We hope you enjoy it!




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