Ruff n Smooth makes massive come back with ‘Be My Girl’


Ruff-n-Smooth The word ‘swagger’ has for the past 3 years been tagged with the exceptional duo, Ruff n Smooth after their breakthrough with the song which bore that title. Ever since, their releases never skip the top 5 chats in the showbiz rating platforms. Ahkan and Bullet, who make up the duo, Ruff n Smooth, have maintained their musical shine since.

Fans and non fans alike of Ruff n Smooth could never only listen to the swagger song without any body movement; the song really went down the dancing vein of every music lover and still does. “(Singing) she get swagger, she be sweet like banana, she they come from Ghana, ah ah she is diva!”

This reporter could not continue the story without singing the chorus from the global hit. ‘Sex Machine’ followed the ‘swagger’ song which was already receiving ‘presidential treatment’ by fans.

After their ‘swagger’ album, the duo, Ruff n Smooth has not released any new album for 3 years with the maiden album still sustaining their shine. The duo has flown on the wings of the album, performing across the world with a recent return from an European tour last month (March).

The swagger boys after injecting the Ghanaian and global fans with their maiden releases, is out with another mind blowing exceptional new trend of song, BMG. This reporter who had the privilege of having an analytical listening of the song can confirm the uniqueness in the song. ‘BE MY GIRL’ is the full meaning of the acronym BMG.

With Ahkan in his usual acoustic sound alike voice, the singing was delivered to its zenith, sounding same or even better than the little string of the electronic guitar released after 5 seconds pull. Bullet, who never lazy on his exceptional hooks and rap was at his best, giving a touch of excellence to perfect the song.

Ruff n Smooth needs no further description on how excellent they could sound in songs pointing back to their incredible ‘musical menus’ they have served the world so far. Before you hear the new single, BMG, which is one of the songs from the upcoming album, be the first to hear the song in your school, neighborhood or family by following the duo @ruffnsmooth on Twitter and Ruff n Smooth on Facebook to stay updated with every proceeding of the ‘BMG Boys’.

Source: Nana Kwesi Coomson/233Times.Com



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