Renaissance Mixtape

Renaissance Mixtape
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01. Nytrix n Flippa – Ain’t fed up [Download]

02. Nytrix n Flippa – Hey shody ft. Kayci [Download]

03. Flippa – Bring back the real ft. Blerr n Angel [Download]

04. Nytrix – Roger dat ft. Ko-Jo & Timo [Download]

05. Nytrix n Flippa – My baby ft. kayci [Download]

06. Nytrix n Flippa – Let’s unite [Download]

07. Flippa – Ni99a hatred ft. Ko-Jo [Download]

08. Nytrix – I’ll be fyn ft. Yung B.I [Download]

09. Nytrix n Flippa – On 2 da next gal ft. Sketchboi [Download]

10. Nytrix n Flippa – Hero [Download]

11. Nytix n Flippa – Try sleeping with a virgin girl [Download]

12. Nytrix n Flippa – Da renaissance [Download]



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