Reggie Reggie – Easy (Remix) ft. Lino Beezy

REGGIE” is a music producer, singer, songwriter and a research fellow. Born in Berlin Germany in the 80″s, he is known to be multi talented and a naturally inspired gentle man. With a pure root from the eastern part of Nigeria, he came back as a teen to experience “the African cultural life”. The feel was very inspiring and was the back bone that formed his Sound and music ideologies.I He has a strong, dynamic and unique personality/philosoph, self motivated individual who ultimately is becoming a renowned, reputable brand, and a decision maker in global and entertainment affairs. These aforementioned objectives and philosophies, have made him work so hard to have achieved great feats in both the entertainment and architecture world. He is known for his Unique beat, audio/sound production Which is a fusion of Afro drum Beats, live instrumentals and Electronic Synths),” Through his production, Reggie is seen as gun powder waiting to explode the entertainment arena positively as his music tries to unite, transform and inspire people from all parts of the world. It’s by this Vision of uniting African Music that has inspired him to feature the Ghanaian fast rising brand Lino Beezy on his Easy songs.enjoy

Reggie Reggie – Easy (Remix) ft. Lino Beezy [Download]



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  1. dope track man

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