Qojo Bezl – M’ewie (Prod. by Zonti)

Born Theophilus Kojo Ashun, Qojo Bezl was a great musician and a cherished radio personality who worked with Choice FM, Paragon FM and YFM. Somewhere along the lines, he decided to go full-time into music because of the passion he had for music. He recorded over 30 songs with his in-house produced Zonti and decided to work on an album titled M’ewie which literally translates “I’m Done.”

Qojo was diagnozed with a Hole in the Heart just as he was about to release the album. It was discovered that Qojo was dealing with some level of depression and the Kojo Ashun Foundation which seeks to tackle depression amongst the youth was formed in his honor.

While on his sick bed, his dying wish was for his album to be released for the whole world to what he had been up to after his radio days. Indeed he had finished his work here on earth. Visit Kojoashunfoundation.info for more information.

Qojo Bezl – M’ewie (Prod. by Zonti) [Download]

Qojo Bezl – Walahi Kagani (Prod. by Zonti) [Download]



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