Press Statement From Shatta Movement To Sarkodie And His Sarknation


Dear Sarkodie,

This call comes from a camp of a brother, we know you have so much respect for, Shatta movement.

King Sark ever since our King Shatta Wale, told us ” SarkNation Ni Shatta Movement Y3n Nyinaa y3y3 nipa Baku” we have held you in high esteem.

You guys have shown each other great admiration and love, the industry can attest to the fact that, the Shatta-Sark brand is most friendly, as far as music is concern and even outside the music business, both brands sell well together.

To the best of our Knowledge, our King is not in any competition with you, in fact your genre is different from ours, we have never seen you as a competition but rather as a family.

This letter has become very necessary, just so we can maintain our smooth relationship since, recent observations aren’t very encouraging.

It seems your fans don’t value our king the way we value you, for instance, when Our King posts stuff on his Social media handles, you will see core sarknatives insulting and downplaying it, or when our King have any issues with other artistes you see sarknatives supporting the other as against your own brother, but SM fans we always support you against anyone that comes after you, we are not forcing them to love him same way we love you, all we want is for them to stop displaying hate and disrespect towards our King.

Else if this keeps continues, we would have no choice but to start seeing you as our rival, which wouldn’t be so good for our Shatta-Sark brand.

Shatta Movement has a history of not handling rivalry with soft hands ? so please find a good way of stopping this, so we can continue be the family, we have always beign, We know you know that Shatta Wale, deserves better from your camp because we are Family.

We can’t do this to you, it would be unfair, so why are they bringing that to Wale our King ?

Please, If this disrespect doesn’t stop, they will leave us no choice…than also see you as our ‘enemy’ as they see our King.

King Sark We are family, so let’s stay family.

Just recently all what he said in an interview you know too well are things he says to you privately as well.

Besides you know too well how he’s been a strong advocate for ‘better for all’ in the music industry which will benefit all of you if industry players take into consideration and work on it.

He keeps pushing and offering himself up as a sacrifice for all the things we know you can’t say publicly but it’s worrying you and other artistes.

The least he deserves for this sacrifice is attack on his personality even if Sark-natives do not recognise that fact.

If the industry fails, it affects you and our king as well.

As a core part of the ecosystem as your fans ideally we should be collaborating to push authorities and entertainment figure heads to insist on reforms and creating a good and beneficial industry for us but if your fans do not see that and want to engage in mockery and attacks, you will have to call them to order.

We won’t tolerate any more attacks and mockery on our king. If it continues, you won’t have the luxury of reading a letter from us.

We will get into the gutters with them and yourself because by that time we don’t consider you and sarknatives as a partner in all of this again, the ‘Shatta Sark’ agenda would be strictly business.

Final Warning!

Thank You.




Someone also says he’s international businessman
Where I the business here?poor you!
Using people’s label,insulting colleagues and talking ill about others to gain to be seen.
By the way Epistle of mama is leading.

I really love this letter from the beginning until the last two paragraphs. It shouldn’t be a warning but rather an mannered corrective statement as dearly and friendly. I have a very great love for you all and always happy about how far you guys have gotten to now.
Without you guys, we wouldn’t feel and learn new ways to better Ghana music. Please Kings don’t fight because as an underground artist, it’s my prayers to see you our seniors growing in love with more swags. This builds our confidence.
If I can remember a one song from King Sark and Tinny ( a collaboration), King Sark Even mentioned this fondest words on the part of Shata and I quote ” kakae bitters nyinaa abu, WO dwene se won joke “. Wow…..! please you guys shouldn’t fight.
I love you all..#De Hero#

I thank God for putting mallam Alhassan to my life . I changed through him and God knows the reason of all that , I was nothing but now the little I have I thank God for that . Brothers and sisters there is a man you can help u in many ways . Financial,businesses,jobless, all this mallam can help you with all that . Many out there haven plenty Money who know we’re they get it from … ???? That is my question….inbox me and I will help you talk to him and I promise he will help you get what you INBOX ME FOR HIS NUMBER…. thank you ???????

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