Patapaa – Otita Fo (Kuami Eugene Diss)

Pa2pa soldiers presents this quick one from Patapa tagged Otita Fo which is a diss song to singer Kuami Eugene. Yesterday Kuami Eugene on an interview when asked if he was ever gonna make a song with patapaa replied saying Patapa does noisy music so it will never happen. Guess this didnt go down well with fans of patapaa .well patapaa has a message for him. check it out below

Patapaa – Otita Fo (Kuami Eugene Diss) [Download]



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  1. Abrantie Lutterodt

    Am short of words luk at wht patapaa is doing and we are luking at de industry promoting de noisy songs dis guy have been doing

  2. Nana Poku Sikani

    Ahh hw3 ne gyimi bi…instead of u to stay mute fr pple to fight fr u..look at wat he hv drop noisy ampa

  3. Quophi Tabi Daniyyel

    Patapaa wat be dis?

  4. Rafael Appiah

    Quobbie Quarteng SirEvans come for your guy… He can lead morale better than tagoe kraa😂😂😂

  5. Khüte Ideal Donatus

    He has vindicated Kuami Eugene…. Noise sorrrrr …someone said what he thought was a joke, it was misunderstood by Ghanaians… He apologized.. That’s maturity… Then you go and bring this kanzo song full of insults… I won’t insult you after I just realized you have insulted yourself with your premature act… Good morning “noisy songs musician “

  6. Ann-phendi Agyei

    This patapaa guy won’t go far with such senseless tunes…one corner will be ur only hit till ur career ends

  7. Samuel Abban

    Phinihas boi dis one de3 enor gud kraa oo😂😂😂😂

  8. Adinkrah Antwi-Boasiako

    Noise nor…… Cant even think far

  9. Amg Bill Bailey

    Alhassan Duani Sumaila come c ur man lol.. E drop another one Alhassan Duani Sumaila

  10. Kuami eugene no dey fear face u no c patapaa hi bg)ny) face y u go diss u san dey cm plead ABOA ……PATAPAA U DO ALL KEEP IT UP……kuami if u be man cm reply u go c pepper )b3 tumi apiae ……patupa sojas WILLING THIS FOR FEATURE CALL 0573086842

  11. Amg Bill Bailey

    Hahaha this one weak me waaaa…. Patapiizy more fire Otita fo

  12. Alhassan Duani Sumaila

    Amg Bill Bailey the guy be dope. When I tell guys to see the light you refuse. #patopa soldiers to the world

  13. Dickson Manu

    Haahaaa ds one too music?

  14. Osborn Desmond Essel

    He’s not forcing anyone to listen wai

  15. Skyface Majeed

    Kwasia kwa, u too de diss same one 😂

  16. Richie Wan

    pa2pa solders diss all fake neggers

  17. Ah did he pay for this track???

  18. Ah did this impotent guy pay for the track?

  19. Weda GH

    This guy is indeed a noise maker

  20. Chife Ayaa

    waa look oo try talk some for you but from the look of this i beg but he no get manager to advice him. for this i beg

  21. Khalifa De Zion

    Kwasia you just at the end of your career Noisy maker 😁😁😁

  22. Stupid fool, You dont have talent oo, You are a joker to Ghana Music. You just brought to an end your career with these Senseless songs you spend money on production. wise Up.

  23. this patapaa guy paa,he dey crazy paa
    you call this one a dis song
    very bad patapizzy just go and come back again
    holy crap I just wasted my bundle for this noisy guy

  24. Royale Nii Ghana

    GHANA is full of akan drama concert

  25. Louis Willson

    Patapaa u dey rush oo…we jst dey consider fight give u eno bi say u best.😏😏

  26. Oooh Patapaa you do yawa oooh, I shock saf, wey you sana do this foolish thing say track. Abi you di33 ebi noise you dey make ampa. #WishMeWell and I will also wish you well. #Rockstar

  27. De Ghana Music industry now is made of rubbish..There are elders insulting each other wid music evrytym..Eeei GH

  28. samuel perdison

    hmmm ghana

  29. dos Santos Ernest

    Herrrrrrrr…..Patapaa, u fool ruff.

  30. Augustine woode

    see this patapaa guy u fool ruff!! masa u have no talent in music!! is better u stop because u are just a joker to the Ghana music!

  31. fîňîšhêř ğh ( fĺëx 1)

    Patapa make u go baptize your so dat dem go name u stupid but for nick it will be patapa de senseless guy

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