Ohemaa Mercy to plead with Sakawa boys

altOhemaa Mercy is back with her new album titled “Yesu Mogya”. Well, Ohemaa Mercy is one of the most listened gospel musicians in Ghana and has garnered a following with fans, she has set her eyes firmly on new challenges for 2010 starting with her album launch and nationwide tour which includes holding talks on the ‘sakawa’ menace raging on in our society.

Asked why she also chose to add ‘Sakawa’ to her ‘Environmental Cleanliness’ campaign tour nationwide. She said “Yeah it’s something I am taking resource persons to address when I reach any region. I will be at Senior High schools and Technical schools”.

Ohemaa Mercy stressed to Ghana Music.com that she wasn’t going to fight the ‘Sakawa boys’ but plead with the youth to stay away from it.

“I will speak on the peer pressure factor. Yes we need to plead with them we can’t force them. In as much as we sing to affect lives I can also sing and speak to change this situation. I know I can’t win all of them but I know some souls will be won out of this menace, she said.

Ohemaa Mercy also said she was recently touched when she was watching TV and saw a victim of sakawa who was dying on his sick bed and died later.

“I think we can make an impact and we are going to put on the platform a resource person who is an advocate and also someone who has done this before then I will plead on them to stay away, she continued.

When asked whether she was aware that girls where part of this menace rocking our society, she replied that “I have done my study and there are girls too but they are few but the problem is that sometimes when it comes to rituals they sometimes use the girls.

“I am still taking education on this from the intelligent people who are researching still into the activities of these young guys who are into this menace. When you hear then you will think they are just stories but when you see pictures of them you will see the need to do something about it. The other part is the fraud aspect, Ohemaa Mercy ended our interview.

In the meantime, Ohemaa Mercy will be outdooring her new album on the 31th of this month at the Tesano Baptist Church. Details of the album launch, upcoming projects and concerts will be listed on Ghana Music.com soon.




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