Obrafour confirms for Ghana Music and Food Festival



Iconic hiplife rapper, Obrafour has confirmed to organizer that he will be performing at the first ever Ghana Music and Food Festival scheduled for the International Trade Fair, October 29.

Obrafour comments that he is preparing for the event and called on other musicians to make the festival a priority and their own because he believes the festival is a big platform that could be an international reference point for Ghanaian music and food.

“Food is part of happiness in life but having your favorite music alongside your favorite food is a big bonus,”

Obrafour, who is well-noted for his love for tradition however requests of organizers to make sure every Ghanaian dish and local food ingredient would be available at the Festival grounds. The multiple award winners, who has offered music lovers chart topping hits and energetic stage performances over the years promises patrons and exhibitors nothing but the best. “I will be at the Festival grounds to give a signature to the very first edition of this festival with my performance and I would encourage other artistes on the bill to do same. It will be nostalgic to get the chance to also savor the very best in traditional music live on one stage. Those inspire me a lot.”

Although Obrafour had a hard task of identifying which is his favorite local food, he ran through a maze of them. “I am huge follower of the Fufu clan but ‘oto’ (mashed yam with oil, laced with stew and decorated with boiled eggs) does the trick for me any day. My switch to Chinese food sees me mixing rice with Kontomire stew. Bankye (cassava) Ampesi was number one for me when I was growing up and I still love it,” he confessed in an undecided tone to choose a favorite

Source: Ameyaw Debrah



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