Nima Artists paint the toilets for Sallahfest

Nima Sallahfest

Nima Sallahfest This Sallahfest, Nima youth and artists will paint the public toilets at 441. Prep has already begun, and by the close of Sallahfest the 441 toilets will be covered with paintings. The motivation for the perhaps unusual painting project comes from Nima Muhinmanchi Art (NMA), a workshop program founded by a collective of underground artists born and bred in Nima. The nonprofit foundation has a vision to paint all of Nima and beyond through the creative talent of the youth.

The Sallahfest “Painting for Peace” project is supported by Nima’s own V.I.P and Head Chief of Nima Nii Futa, and sponsored by Pidgin Music, Property Network, and Acrilex. The works follow NMA’s two-part program “NMA 2012” last month. The events included a mural for peaceful elections at Kawukudi Park and a star-studded exhibition and concert at the Alliance Française.

Nima Sallahfest

The group of artists founded NMA because they were inspired to create artistic opportunities for theyouth of their community that they did not have growing up. Find out more on their page or on Twitter @NMAart.

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