Nana Nyc Nominated For “Best Artist (USA)” At The African Ent. Awards 2015

Nana NYC is nominated for “BEST ARTIST – (USA)” at the 2015 AFRICAN ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS set to take place in Toronto, Canada September 5th 2015

Nana Nyc has been involved in the Ghanaian Music Industry overseas well over 10 years. Most Ghanaian artists that are based in the USA usually want to go back to Ghana and make their name there because it is supposedly “easier” being that you are coming from the United States of America.

From what we have learned about Nana Nyc, he has a totally different game plan. Nana Nyc believes that there are no big name Ghana Celebrities in the U.S because of that way of thinking.

He has spent years building a market in the U.S by putting out independent mixtapes (OSKA MYA VOL. 1& 2, C.H.A.R.T.S, iMRECOGNIZED-americanized), doing independent shows as well as opening up for a lot of major international Artists in and out of the United States. Whether you agree with him or not, you have to wonder because as an independent artist based in the U.S, he is very well known by the big names and celebrities who are back in Africa.

NANA NYC MTV 2015 AEAwardsThat is a whole other story. This story here will focus on the latest news involving NANA NYC’s name; the 2015 AFRICAN ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS’s “BEST ARTIST-USA” nomination.

On Saturday August 8th, Nana Nyc received a text message congratulating him on his nomination. The text came from another artist Gibril; another artist who is also nominated for this award. In reply to a question asked about how he felt when he heard the news Nana NYC said “It was a surprise because I had actually given the organizers names of artists that I believed deserved a nomination, not even knowing that I was also a nominee”.

The news shouldn’t have been a surprise to Nana Nyc because he has been winning awards all over the place. In 2012, he flew to Chicago and came back home with the AFRO ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS “BEST SONG WRITER” trophy. In 2013 he won some awards for iRAP TV, a TV show he produces; taking home the “BEST MUSIC PROGRAM” and “BEST ENTERTAINMENT/VARIETY/PERFORMANCE PROGRAM” categories at the 2013 B.E.T.A AWARDS in Bronx.

Not too long after that, he was awarded for “MEDIA” at the 2013 AWARD OF EXCELLENCE in Toronto Canada. Just last December 2014, he was awarded the “MEDIA & PROMOTION” at the 3G MEDIA AWARDS.

“I am very pleased to be recognized for the kind of work that I do. Sometimes you have to take some risks in life, others chose “fast money” and I chose the music route. When I look back at where I started and the uncertainty that reminded me every day not to let go of my dreams, I can only shake my head and thank God for bringing me this far”.

Far is an understatement. The African Entertainment Awards is the biggest of its kind in North America. This is the 4th year and the category I am nominated in is a fresh one.

The first few years there weren’t a USA category. “BEST ARTIST – USA”, Chaley this is a big one. As an artist, your work is done when your name is on the bill but our fans are the ones who will determine whether we win or not.

Win or lose, I am just hyped about my nomination. Out of all the over 300 artists and their teams, it really feels good to be amongst the only 5’’ says Nana Nyc.

With that said, please go and vote for NANA NYC here:



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