Take My Hand - Tosin Koyi

Take My Hand

Artist: Tosin Koyi
Released: 2019

In consonance with the month of love season phenomenon, one of Nigeria’s emerging Gospel Music Maestro, Tosin Koyi has put his versatility to work again by giving us “Take My Hand”. “Take My Hand” is a song filled with soulful ballad, offering a dynamic perspective on Love, Purpose, Trust and Growth. In the chorus of “Take My Hand”, Tosin goes thus: So, take my hand Let’s grow in love together You and me forever With you, girl I no dey ever shiver Make we take am one day at a time, yeah yeah   Take my hand, babe I no go let you go My love for you will grow till the very end. From singing soft rock in “Everlasting Arms”, Afrobeat in “Jesu Oba” to this danceable soulful ballad,”Take My Hand”, Tosin Koyi has shown his ability to deliver in and on time in different genres without diverting from his firm belief in the gospel of Christ. So, if you are short of words to say or a song to serenade your heartthrob in this love month, this danceable love note,”Take My Hand” by Tosin Koyi is strongly recommended. Listen & Download PlayStop Download Music