Money - Govey


Artist: Govey
Released: 2019

Money is a song written with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, The Holy Spirit used me (Gbenedio Valentine Yenrhuvwo) aka Govey, to pass out this message out to the world enlightening God’s children about the wrong they are doing because of the love of money. He want to remind everyone that all good things come from God so in whatever situation we find ourselves we should try to put our love for God first before the love of money.
The value of the love of money will only be achieved in this earth, but the value of the love of God is eternal and will be achieved both in this earth and in the world to come. The love from money has blinded the eyes of many people that we no longer see the wrong in sinning but we justify it because of the situation we find ourselves forgetting that God has told us that He will supply all our needs according to to his riches in Glory, God is Just. Love God first above all and every other thing will follow. Download enjoy and share this message