BLOW (Prod by Drraybeat) - Geo Wellington ft. Patapaa

BLOW (Prod by Drraybeat)

Artist: Geo Wellington ft. Patapaa
Released: 2018

Geo Wellington, the U.K. based Ghanaian Afrobeats rising star, who was a G.M.A.U.K nominee as the Afrobeats Artist of the year 2018 seizes the opportunity to collaborate with Ghana’s ‘One Corner’ hitmaker Patapaa to bring you this Christmas banger #Blow. It’s a different tune of its kind. They say a good music sells itself, so just download this hot banger and enjoy. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Geo Wellington feat. Patapaa - BLOW (Prod by Drraybeat) (3490 downloads)

      1. Blow (Ft. Patapaa) - Geo Wellington
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