FeJex - Eleda Jowo

Eleda Jowo

"It's F. Entertainment they call me Fejex, F. Entertainment Tyics on the beat" - EledaJowo.
Eleda Masun is the street word for destiny not to take codine; this song is the call up point for destiny, creator of God not to sleep on your case or matter.
Because sometimes in life you feeling, like a good for nothing or like you're just occupying space; That is when you need to talk to your ELEDA NOT TO SLEEP.

Fejex - EledaJowo is a wake up call for your destiny and a great song for you to shake body. EledaJowo as got lyrics and is also a club party banger, am so sure you will dance to it immediately it starts to play. Anticipate EledaJowo video soon, plus more singles for 2015
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