Asantewaa - Addiction (Prod. by Kuvie)

Addiction (Prod. by Kuvie)

Ghanaian Producer Kuvie, may not be a household name to many people but this record he has produced for Asantewaa is tipped to be the major break out song that’d properly introduce launch his face unto mainstream recognition. Asantewaa, the newly signed singer to Ignite Network is also a big surprise to hit Ghana.
Her soothing voice and confidence on the song “Addiction” – the song title in itself will get you so addicted you can’t resist putting it on replay. The lyrics well-put together flawlessly matches to production quality. The synergy between Asantewaa and Kuvie is so apropos!
Asantewaa is a Ghanaian secular singer. She is a seasoned live band musician who is quite familiar with her act. She has performed at very reputable places like M-Plaza, Piano Bar, +233 Jazz Bar & Grill, just to name a few.
Asantewaa – Addiction (Prod. by Kuvie)

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