Young Love - Afrocen3

Young Love

Artist: Afrocen3
Released: 2015

“You would probably remember Afrocen3 from their first debut single “Throway” and their follow up single “Abobi Shun”. After a brief hiatus which was spent perfecting their sound, the three-man music group from Vancouver, Canada have released this heart-warming single titled “Young Love”

Young love is a break away from all the usual commercial music which we are used to hearing these days in the music industry. It is a very different sound on its own and the lyrics focus on innocent, selfless affection; like the kind you had when you met your first love. We could go on and on explaining all the details in the song, but we’ll let you do that in the comments section below.

Without further ado, enjoy “Young Love” by Afrocen3!