Lyrix The BreakTym Mixtape

Breaktyme Mixtape

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01. Lyrix – Intro [Download]

02. Lyrix – Wati ft. Boy Nash [Download]

03. Lyrix – Deuces Bra Kevin [Download]

04. Lyrix – Ebi You ft. ft. Physh & Kay-Ara [Download]

05. Lyrix – Over ft. Arny [Download]

06. Lyrix – Waiting ft. Ama-B [Download]

07. Lyrix – Fresh 4 you ft. Felly [Download]

08. Lyrix – Bosoe ft. B.Ryt & Arny [Download]

09. Lyrix – Hold on [Download]

10. Lyrix – Outro(Been a Pleasure) [Download]

11. Lyrix – X-Men vs. Transformers 3 [BONUS] [Download]



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  1. Wey back. these were the bosses. Klu, Kay-ara, and lethal lyrix. The Good ones are always the best !!

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