Lyrics: Stonebwoy – Run Go (Mixed by Beatz Dakay)

Stonebwoy – Run Go (Mixed by Beatz Dakay)

Rebel liberation
Tell me where you gonna run go
Ei BeatsDakay
Johnny blaze
Woo yeah ! Woo yeah !! Wow

tell me where we gonna run go
after making our motherland
A bitter place to live
tell me where we gonna run go
when dem say we have to pay for the oxygen we breath
answer me now Mr. big man
You nuh see say everybody want to go run go a foreign

Simple life is all we want to live (2x)
Gimme food
Gimme clothe
Gimme love.
And gimme shelter

unu fi Hear me please
This a one yah song me a sing
From the deep
down inna me heart
and me a feel like to weep
whole heap a thing a Gwaan way the people can’t keep
can’t sleep
but the Burniton me come yah so fi speak
you are the one to make make life easy same you a make it harder
after everybody mash up
and there is no where to scatter
tell me

Nuff a dem sell out
sell out
burn dem sell outs
Fi selfishness mi see dem sell out
greedy life..
Speedy life
dem tell a lie
the truth they will always try to hide
call a spade a spade (2x)
and don’t call it a dagger
living big at the expense of a brother
you don’t have no pride
you think you rich
you is a robber
God never forsake the poor

Chorus and Bridge

Source: Burniton Music Group (BMG)



One comment

Ohh. My man!!!
Say it again ohh…
(When They Say We Have To Pay For The Oxygen We Breath).
BHIM! BHIM!! BHIM!!! to the world… Arrrrrbwoy.
But Dr.Louisa is very beautiful ohhh!!!.

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