Lyrics: Sister Deborah – Uncle Obama featuring FOKN Bois

Sister Deborah

Sister DeborahSister Deborah – Uncle Obama ft FOKN Bois


Uncle Obama

I like the size of your banana

Can i give it to my monkey?

It will be so very happy!

Uncle Obama

I like the shape of your banana

Can i give it to my monkey?

It will be so very happy!

Verse 1

One day i went to the market

I was holding my basket

I was looking for some fruit

So that i could make some juice

Then the weather be very very hot

Wey my skirt be very very short

Ei sister deborah how be?


I see you kyer

Chale long time

Who be that handsome fellow

I want go tell am hello

His name is uncle obama

He has sell a groundnut and banana

Oh in that case i for see am

My monkey seff dey hia some

I reach there, e sell all leff one

Luckily it was the biggest one!


Verse 2

the following next day

i was back

my monkey had not had enough

i reached there

very early

nails were pink

hair was curly

i was chewing abele

walking sexy

shaaing wele

kro-kyia kro-kyia i reached there

uncle obama was in his chair

said he was expecting me

with a nice banana for my monkey

it had just riped

it was just right

my monkey would be happy all night

he knew just what i was thinking

but he didnt have a polythene to put it in

dont bother i said

i will hold it

i took the banana and i split!


Bridge + “uncle obama’s banana” bridge chant:


uncle obama…

give me banana…

uncle obama….2x

Repeat Chorus

uncle obama’s banana 8x

© 2012 Sister Deborah

Source: LyricsinGh



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