Lyrics: Ikonz – From far featuring Yaa Pono


IKonz – From far ft. Yaa Pono (Wo bge jeke)(Prod. by Possi G) [Download]


Hehe, Possible give me more volume, more volume.

Ikonz! (Otwea waadan) Ene Yaa Pono.

We wan tell wanna mind. Mbre naaso,

Mikuta mapantain,Wogbe jeke, Yenkwain wal.

Ha! Uptown energy.

Yen dissi wo, yebe dismissi wo,

Anchecki woho a, yebe ransacki wo!


PART 1: We dey come from far away. (twe wokon behwe)

We gonna blow ur mind ahay! (twe wokon behwe)

We don lay ambush,just need some push,

to throw the badman away! (twe wokon behwe)

Now fire burning on the mountain-Okay mon answer mi question,

Man u know say anytime we still dey run things,

Eden nti na bibiaa ye connection?

PART 2: 2x – Ahaay! aahaay! (twe wokon behwe)

Badman shata run away! ( Uptown energy)

Ahaay! aahaay! (twe wokon behwe).

Badman shata run away! ( Tipaeley beye)


Qweku Zixu(QZ): Don’t u wanna be a part of the kingdom.

Tipaeley yedew, we dey choose from the random.

Yenkyiri Donno, ye wal dee Fontonfrom.

Yenua ni Pono, so guess where we come from.

Yaa Pono(YP): Pono mepese mekom nti mihia dom.

Mihia bankye hono anaa se condom.

Uptown energy yaama bebiaa bon.

Bola-bolaman befako mini Ikonz.

Lyrikal Monxta (LM)-I rep the hood of the gangsters.

Born and bred in the midst of the wildest.

Just a beast,wanna scare dem toddlers.

Am on heat tell me, who wanna contest?

(YP): Nsem kua ,isi mitwa nia otwa pictures no mom pictures,

shatas not tricksters,Nungo pastors.

Ekurase carpenter can never build a casket.

Meye silver kyensi na mo na moye basket.

(QZ): Weebu mi muaa, maa step on wo shoulders.

Miliye no nyaa, mele breaki wo barriers.

Maabo wo adegya hee! ye na koshe boxers.

Na waanantu so sin wosle a oye wonders.

(LM): Check it! I see dem rappers like jokers.

Many i dey hear rapping with no flex.

Hay! I rep Tema to the fullest.

And u know am from the MOB entertainment.



(QZ): So Pono u dey see them?

(YP): Megyina sro nti mehu womoapempem,Lyrikal!

(LM): Enye adea mi meda ntem.

For my enemies, fire go dey burn them.

(QZ): Hehe! Obiaa ntum stop mi, freme reggae.

Kawaano pado na mpe meye wo shegey.

Maaye dee owiataa, mensuro dedey.

Meka osheegbaa, gyedo osheegbegbey.

Nokia ye phone aa, energy ye Rox(energy drink).

Yaabro superstar, mole pre boss.

Possi bo beat aa, u all for dey trust.

All the fatty rap foxes go into the box.

(YP): Wonnim alukoto netow a yebe gaw daa.

Ashawo na ashawo even if u drive car.

Kakape ye worker, nso owo nakoa.

Koliba nso nsheda mpai ninua toa.

Medaso te ase yidiee daa metwro.

Agyese motu mi aduro na mi tetsrema pror.

Mano ate nti daakye meto ndwom kror.

Mati see ye Hiplife Togo fo di pae bour.




(LM): Haa! Make u no dey brag, cos i dey for u.

Nea moaka nyinaa yaati, now the time is due.

I know u no dey like us, we hate u too.

We still remain on top, ego pain you.

Hay! What u got for me to envy you.

Lyrikal yes! check my abongo shoe.

Nyama-nyaama snub them got-damn crew.

Hey u hater, meet me in Hollywood.

Everybody know say where we dey come from, man no dey joke.

We dey speed on the highway till we get it done,man no dey joke.

See! We no dey rap for hype, we dey kill the mic.

Dope rhymes,good lyrics be the rap design.

Aiming to touch the sky, vim to blow your mind.

If you want real beef, just meet us in chambers.

(QZ)-Reincarnation, yeye nkan titi armagedon.

Best of the nation, Kasapa adan Ikonz/

No police station, me ringi wo dee asore don.

Cross-pollination, mepue dee cotyledon

© 2010 MOB Studios



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