Lyrics: Big Chris – Evreebaady

Big Chris

Big Chris – Evreebaady (Prod by Yetolla)


Everybody, we party party,

Wen we boogie, we boogie boogie x2

Abi u never heard a boogie like dis,

Abi u never heard a boogie like dat,

Abi u never heard a boogie like dis, like dis, like dat, like dis, like dat,

GH at da top, GH till I drop,

GH wer I be, GH follow me,

GH at da top, GH till I drop,

GH wer I be, GH follow me,

Big Chris on da beat,

Jump in da middle n skip 2 da beat,

Ayo DJ! Put dis on repeat,

.. Anyway, lemme get 2 da details,

I do a lot tracks for da females,

But dis song goes out 2 my peoples,

So if ur from Ghana, stand up,

Make we jump, jump, jump, till our feet swell up,


Switch up da flow,

From london 2 ghana switch up da doh,

From pound pence 2 cedis, I’m tryna earn da digis, u aint tryna get wit me, I’ll nip tuck ur throat,

I de joke, I de joke chaley,

U betta kno chaley,

If u think ur cold chaley,

Den get a coat chaley,

Aint tryna be broke chaley,

N ifs its beef..

I don’t fink ur redy, u may wanna get a goat chaley,

Or get a chicken, jus don’t let me catch u slippin,

Coz soon as I put da clip in, ur upper half will be missin, believe me coz I aint kiddin..

I’ve been on a mission..

2 make it 2 da very top wer ders no competition, 4 real,

I got da skippy flow, n I got sex appeal, 4 da ladies – ima vet 4real,

Ima bad boy, coz I won’t pet 2 kill,

Repeat Chorus

© 2012 C7 Entertainment



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