Lyrics: Asem – Bye Bye ft Kwabena Kwabena


Asem – Bye Bye ft Kwabena Kwabena (Prod by Kaywa)


This one is for the one in love,

And for the one whose found that one and place no one above,

Asem ɛne Kwabena, awarefoɔ ne moa motwe mpena, sɛ wodɔfo sɛ ontumi ne wo ntena a, kaywa this one is for ya’ll.

Verse – Kwabena

Medɔwiase gya mehɔ akɔ o, ogya mehɔ akɔ o menyɛ dɛn ni

Ode nedɔ no atete me akyerɛ mea ama, Metrim ayɛ me dɛ ooo, nti ɔdɔ wookɔ yi menyɛ den ni medɔ e medɔ e na

Sɛ wonim sɛ woni hɔ a meda ɛnna o

Woho adwendwen na beku mea ama fon aka ayɛ atia e

Menyɛ dɛn ni, nti medɔ wookɔ yi menyɛ dɛn ni o deɛ e


Ɔkɔ o, mese ɔkɔ o

Ɛneɛ mawu, mese mawu

Rap Verse 1 – Asem

Asem, damn I can’t believe she’s leaving, I can’t believe its already midnight

Ɔkɔ o, I can’t believe we at the airport, I can’t believe she’s about to take flight

She’s leaving on a jet plane

And I don’t know if she will be back again

And its driving me insane

And tho I try to be a man

Its not easy for me to watch her go

Now I know today is never promised tomorrow

Nti wokɔ yi menyɛ dɛn koraa

Wokɔhyɛ London agya mehɔ Accra

Abra wonim sɛ wone me sumsum, woni hɔ a mani nkum, wooku makoma ne me kra


Its so hard to say bye bye

Medɔ wokɔ yi nti dabɛn na wobɛba a

Mate nnisuo waa waa waa waa

Nniwa nnisuo waa waa waa waa

Repeat Hook

Rap Verse 2 – Asem

Have u ever been in love so deep

When you think about her u can’t sleep

When wake up she’s the air you breath

But for some reason she’s got to leave

And you wish there’s another way out

And it hurts so bad like ouch

Now you’ve got to live without her and like Michael Bolton you are thinking hooooooooooow

Cus your world evolved around her

And ever since the day you found her

You made her Queen of your heart, u made her queen you crowned her

But now she’s got a job offer

Decision making is tougher

You don’t want to be a selfish lover

So you got to let her go cus you love her

Repeat Verse – Kwabena

Rap Bridge 2x

Everbody put your hands up high

And wave them from side to side

If you’ve ever had tears in your eyes

Because you had to say goodbye

Repeat Chorus 2x

Repeat Intro as Outro

© 2012 Asem Music



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