Lineo joins Ice Prince and Vector to perform at Inception 2012

Inception 2012

Inception 2012 Lineo may be pretty young, but he has come a long way and anybody neck-deep into Nigerian music scene would definitely not find this name strange. Adekoya Adegboyega Fondly called Elepepe Master for his somewhat successful single ‘‘Funky High” which still make is fair share of rounds in Lagos’

His charming looks, flamboyant accessories and electric dance steps stand him out. But it does not stop there, as his brand of music is in itself revolutionary to say the least!
Many of his enthusiasts believe he is slowly but surely forging a niche for himself by inventing a brand new genre of music self-branded ‘Afro Hip House’.

This genre simply put is a mishmash of Afro beats, Funk and House! Now when you thought that was all; the above combination is fused with percussion and vocal effects! Sounds nerdy right?

Well, in simple English, it’s a brand of music, which intoxicates your brain, excites your ears, fires up your reflexes and electrifies your body ON THE DANCE FLOOR.
Youth dynamix popularly known as “ydx” have teamed up with clones, a group of individuals who organize the hottest rave events to bring you an event to remember. Over the past few weeks, individuals have been talking about inception 2012 via social mediums (twitter, Facebook & BBM).

Inception is an annual event. In 2011, clones brought the very first edition, and now they’re teaming up with ydx to bring a bigger second edition, after everyone’s experience this year, they’ll definitely anticipate inception 2013.
Its inception 2012… An all day 2-in-1 beach extravaganza!

Source: AmeyawDebrah.Com

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