Kwaw Kese opens up on his late manager, Fennec Okyere


Who Be You rapper Kwaw Kese was on eTV’s The Late Nite Celebrity Show as part of his media run promoting his new single Agona Swedru.

The rapper touching on his late manager Fennec Okyere mentioned that he believed his former boss was in heaven.

“I think he is in Heaven. Because he didn’t do anything bad that I knew of. He always fought for what was his. He didn’t think bad stuff for anybody. And he worked hard for what he got. Such a person is a very good person and such people die and go to heaven. So I know Fennec is in heaven.”

Asked by Giovani as what he will ask the murderers of his manager should he meet them one day, he revealed;

“Only God knows, one question I will like to ask them is what Fennec did for them to do that to him. What at all what was it that they couldn’t spare his life? Because it’s painful if you have been with a person and you know how good the person is and somebody takes his life.

“That wasn’t the Ghana we knew. I think it’s a lesson to all of us and I think we all need to be careful. Security wise we have watch ourselves, the people around us and the steps we take.”




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