Kurl Songx – Jennifer Lomotey ft. Sarkodie (Prod By KayWa)

under the tutelage and guidance of the highly acclaimed record producer, Kaywa, MTN Hitmaker 2016 winner, Kurl is out with a new single, ‘Jennifer Lomotey’ and it features the most venerated Ghanaian artist of all time ,Sarkodie.Jennifer Lomotey’ is produced by Kaywa, the 4-time VGMA Producer of the Year, who is responsible for a plethora of hit songs for a multitude of A-list artists including Sarkodie, Kwabena Kwabena Ofori Amponsah, Ohemaa Mercy, Becca, Castro, Buk Bak and many others.Kurl Songx won the popular reality music television show, MTN Hitmaker 5 last year, shrugging off tense competition from the likes of F9, Eugene and Sir Tino. stream and download the new jam below

Kurl Songx – Jennifer Lomotey ft. Sarkodie (Prod By KayWa)



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  1. Sarkodie,in fact, you are an idiot,a primitive,an ape for the kind of comments you made about Krobo Ladies. Such a nice music and you end up saying nasty things about a group of people just to raise tempers so that you will trend. Have you forgotten you looked like an ape before you came into the Music Industry? Even that your childish Tracy girlfriend who looks like a cursed snake you respect her enough and you,a Freemason slave like you have got the gut to open that your disgusting mouth that stinks like a he-goat to say nonsense about Krobo Ladies. It’s only primitives like you that would say things like an animal. I know some primitives who are animals like you might say all sort of things to defend you, but I will prove to them that human beings like me do not understand or speak the language of animals like them by not paying attention to whatever they will say. People are saying since you started dealing with Shatta Wale you have been behaving like a pig but I bet you are the one tainting Shatta Wale’s name cos he will never say such nonsense about any tribe. When you do your childish things, then people try to blame him,without them bearing in mind that he’s not the one who puts the food you eat every day inside your mouth for you. You might think you are saying something to raise controversies to trend,without you knowing you are causing your downfall cos your childish mind tells you you are already at the top. Someone will say am wasting my time cos you are comfortably enjoying yourself but I want you to know that there’s no comfort zone in this world and your actions can end up killing your fame slowly,so stop behaving like a piglet that thinks it nose will never be as long as it’s mother’s own.

    • Richard find urself a bettr thing doing nd stop de nonsensical blabliss u tlking..even de person who paid to collaborate with him is not complaining,

      • animal @ Emma, are u normal at all? people like u supports big fools who get swollen headed with stardom. sark is getting out of hand and he must grow up.

    • Who in your useless irrelevant poor kronor tribe is even at par with Sarkodie s dog? Who doesnt know krobo women /girls are adwaman?
      Your useless krobo tribe is not a recognized tribe in Ghana so shut up there.
      Sarkodie alone can feed all krobos till thy kingdom come.

      • I never wanted to comment but for these one will..Oxygen u r a foolish goat,stupid boy..tell your stupid to show you how to respect ohk
        mad illiterate.

      • U r very stupid.. Learn common sence idiot child of a stupid father from a shameful family

      • Billy Vincent Adama

        @ Oxygen or what ever you call it, i can see clearly from far that you have nothing valuable in your head …ahh just try to learn and stop fooling son of bitch …..

        don’t you have sense?

    • you have to be very careful when speaking, what is wrong with Sarkodie’s speech concerning the Krobo’s ? Is it not in the Akan historic books? Think before you speak.

    • Everyone knows the Krobo people were cursed, so is it any big deal when Sarkodie uses it, if you disagree just slip into something better like a coma. mtcheeew

    • hey u dont understand twi anaa
      dont fuxk up oo
      ntafo) de3 monte hwee ase

    • You are just stupid ……silly goat with no future ..mind the way u speak in public …in fact sarkodie is not ur play mate u should be using those silly words …illiterate. no wonder u are supporting Krobos. ..son of a bitch

    • crazy,bastard,lunatic Richard go n clean your teeth b4 u open your stinking mouth to talk. Kwasiaman,even Obama knows krobo women are prostitudes. Bitch ass nigga! Bomboclat!

    • Ur an idiot…..aahh so wats wrong with what sark said… krobo gals are adwaman…dis one too is it sometin new…if sark looks like an ape aa uu wat do u look like…maybe u r ugly nd u look like an ape..think before u talk…..#TEAM SARK#

    • KWASIA, U xpert sark to read this? fool. get urself twi translator

    • Foolish Man look at you u are judging him for speaking ill about krobo ladies. Idiot look Sarkodie has money more than any member of ur family. See U, Fuck U, Pussy whole

      In Fact Sarckcess Muzik for lyf

    • You are even worse than sarkodie, with the comment you made. You could have been the “bigger person” and just criticise the song. But you decided to write an essay explaining how much you hate him. His was just one inappropriate line, and yours is a whole essay..now who is worse?

    • this is an extract of immaturity, you are not sounding sound, must you insult someone like this because of his mistake which is not planned? you describe yourself in your extract and not sarkodie, he is just a musician who has said something not pleasant in his lyrics…

    • Go get a life Richard

  2. NanaYaw Sremmurd

    But what is wrong when sarkodie says krobo ni baa ahwini da ne sisi oo ma guy y u for fink twice n mind u. U r not sarkodie’s type to insult him kk everybody has a limit go to ya frnd n insult them not a man with a big fame. Go to the market n buy urself manners watse let me tell ya the muzik is #dhope

  3. y dont u guys go and look for okomfo anokye and stop disturbing king sark…..he is absolutely not wrong……sark nation

  4. foolish guys stop disturbing nkwasiasim akwa gyimiii

  5. Hey u gat to stop dos comments o
    evryone hu truely unuderstands twi noe sark didnt insult krobo ladies
    he is even making ur tribe popular
    saa Richard bi no be very careful
    so u aa u handsome?

  6. fuvk krobo

  7. richard’s mummy pussy

  8. james mummy pussy

    • richard you be mumu kwasiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bi saa no richard no

  9. Rick–Rocky@GH

    Sark is proud of his vocals,and we Ghanaians are lacking something, the song is perfect.
    All he is trying to say is Bcuz of that ,that why thy were cursed. Am also an artist so I don’t get it twisted “Rockcess Music”

  10. sarkodie don’t get problem

  11. eii as3m ooo .still Sark reign
    But rem insult can neva solve this problem
    Jst enjoy Sark music and live long

  12. Apuuuuu toorr who is krobo

    king Sark sing the song again

  13. That comment was wrong…but nice song

  14. Billy Vincent Adama

    That’s why i recognize Rat eaters so called Akans to be primitives .Instead of you to advice him you’re rather backing @sark …You Guys should learn something small fools

  15. billy-goat vincent adama..wo maama twɛ. ur fuckin ass krobo tribe koraa ix not recognized in gh. sark ix tryin hard to make it a hiT ahh, see wat u madafuckerz aa saying. krobofoɔ ntafoɔ. mmoa. nndwamanfoɔ. infact, all krobo pple aa animals especially u stupid ass niqqa @billy-goat vincent-senseless adama-tanii gyimigyimii
    wo maame twɛ
    still sarkCess muzik

  16. attack the LINE not the whole song or his honorable and important personality…. his wife is krobo

  17. i lov king sark music so so so much that i cant stop listening his releases songs , u guys should fuck out of here o #yoh

  18. Guys pls behave lyk a human not an illiterate especially those talking thrush about de king of rap nd who on dis earth did not no dat de ashawo krom called krobo hv been cursed er even a 2 year baby knows it.sarkcess music

  19. The song is perfect, nothing wrong with it, I don’t remember the last time we have krobo artist , making the mark. Just shut up and salute king 👑 Sark. Sarkcessforever

  20. Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂 mewhe

  21. hey u kwame don’t u know what sarkodie did can bring tribal war?
    u better stop that shit,do u understand that? fuck up yuh saf =sak yuh pussy!!
    yuh mad

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