Knii Lante launches True Feelings album May 29 in Jamaica


This week, two-time winner of Ghana Music Awards’ Best Male Vocal Performance, Knii Lante, is back in Kingston, Jamaica; the home of reggae and dancehall, to launch his second album ‘True Feelings’.

In 2012, the multiple nominee and this year’s winner of the ‘Best Music Video’ at the Ghana Music Awards was in Jamaica to record at the Grafton Studios where he was co-produced by Mickie Benett and Dean Fraser. Now he is ready to share his amazing gift with the world.

The 12 track album features Cherine Anderson, Queen Ifrica, G Blunt and many other first rate Jamaican musicians.

The album also includes songs that were recorded in Accra by Joseph Amoah (Springboard Studio) and others produced in Kenya by Rebel Liberation Sounds.

Mostly recorded in Kingston, Jamaica at Grafton Studios, the album was partly co-produced by Mickie Bennet and Dean Fraser, Joseph Amoah (Springboard Studio, Accra) and Rebel Liberation Sounds.

The launch will come off on the night of the 29th May at the popular and highly rated Red Bones Blues Café, where Knii Lante will be backed by the legendary drummer, Desi Jones and his seven member band as he performs songs live from ‘True Feelings’ for the first time before an audience of patrons, industry people and exclusive guests. He will perform together with Queen Ifrica and G Blunt.

When asked why what informs his choice of Jamiaca, Knii Lante said, “I chose Jamaica for the first leg of the launch because it is the birthplace of reggae, and also to further give meaning to my pan-African leanings, a launch in Jamaica is in essence the same as launching in Ghana or Nigeria or any part of Africa as we are the same people with a common history and destiny,” the next African rising star explains why he chose a Caribbean Island for the launch.

Knii Lante is being supported by Grace Kennedy Foods, Don Green’s Sunsplash Productions and Deluge Entertainment.

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